Allison- Founder

Doula/Birth Photographer &

Childbirth Educator

Allison is a DONA certified birth doula whose passion is supporting women during childbirth and educating them to help them achieve their desired birth. Allison is a nurse with 15 years experience in mother/baby health and pediatrics. She has experience as a lactation counselor as well as a midwife assistant. She is a wife and mama to Mikayla and Maxwell, who she delivered naturally at the hospital. Most recently Allison carried and delivered a surrogate baby via c-section. She is the lead photographer and also co-teaches childbirth education (Empowered Birth and Postpartum).

Laura- Partner

Doula/Childbirth Educator

Laura is a DONA certified birth doula and certified postpartum fitness specialist who focuses on empowering women through education and support. Laura is passionate about educating women on all things birth and postpartum so that they are in control of their journey. She runs the Pelvic Floor + Core Program, which focuses on Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor restoration. Prior to becoming a doula, Laura worked as a designer and marketer in the technology space. She is a wife and mother to Gus and Leo, one born in a hospital via c-section, and one a home VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). She co-teaches childbirth education (Empowered Birth + Postpartum).


Doula/childbirth educator & Postpartum doula

Aelis is a DONA trained doula as well as a full spectrum doula trained with B.A.D.T. She is passionate about birth and it brings her soul so much joy and happiness to walk the birth journey with families and to see them grow and evolve. She is also a child abuse, domestic violence and LBGTQIA + advocate. She left the corporate world after working 22 + years to follow her passion. She is supported by her wife and four amazing sons. She also works as a birth assistant for a local birth center and is Lamaze Childbirth educator certified. She is elated to be apart of The Birth Mamas team and make a difference in our community.



Ispa is a certified child educator, specializing in the Bradley Method of Partner Coached Childbirth. She is also a DONA trained birth doula. With these skills her first priority is to educate and empower expectant parents by giving them the confidence to find their unique and individual birth joy. With this in mind, she founded The Nesting Place Family Education Services. She firmly believes that if you don't know your options, then you don't have any options, so ensuring access to equal care begins with providing the education and support clients need to help them do what is right for them.


Doula/Birth Photographer

Kaley is a DONA trained birth doula and a mother of two. She is married to her high school sweetheart and family means the absolute world to her. She is a photographer, and loves sharing the birthing space with mothers. Everything about pregnancy and birth amazes her, and she feels being able to support a mom during her journey is such a privilege. She herself had experienced birth trauma with her first, but then experienced the most beautiful birth with her second. She has witnessed a lot in her life, all of which has shaped her into the person she is today. It has given her the drive and the passion to be there for moms in need; especially in that moment when they are bringing a new life into this world.


Doula/Birth Photographer/ Placenta Encapsulator

Currently on Maternity Leave

Holly is a DONA trained Doula who’s passion for childbirth and breastfeeding was ignited after the birth of her first child. She’s dedicated to providing support, education, and guidance throughout the incredible journey from pregnancy to postpartum! She’s passionate about empowering and educating woman to achieve the birth of their dreams, however that may look to them. She is a fierce advocate for families and their right to advocate for themselves and their own birth experience. Holly is a proud wife and a natural-minded mama to two amazing little girls. Through the 2.5 years breastfeeding her oldest and now currently still nursing her second, she is extremely driven to help women in their own birth, nursing and postpartum journey! 


certified lactation counselor

doula consultant

Lani is an RN with 30 years experience in maternal/infant health, a Certified Lactation Counselor, a LAMAZE certified childbirth educator, a trained DONA birth doula, postpartum doula, and founder of SAGE: doula and education services. Lani is a proud mother of two grown children. They were both hospital- based, unmedicated, vaginal births who she breastfed each for one year. As a Lactation Counselor for The Birth Mamas, Lani will provide breastfeeding information and support to new mothers and their families. She can offer support in the privacy of your own home, knowing that there are many physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby.



“Allison is the Best!!! Very sweet and caring. She did such an amazing job making us comfortable and she did not leave my side the entire 36 hours.
I met her in prenatal yoga and instantly felt like we have known each other for forever. I would highly recommend using her for an excellent doula experience. — with Nick Petrillo.”

—Brittany & Nick

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