Pelvic Floor + Core Restoration Program

8-Week Custom Program: $350

Taking the step to take care of YOU can be really hard after you’ve had a baby, but we promise that you’ve made a great decision! Your core and pelvic floor have been the flexible, nourishing, safe and secure home for your baby for nearly 10 months of your life. Now that your baby is here, it needs some love so that you can live your life how you want. 

Our goal is for you to be able to move with confidence and strength. We want to restore your core and pelvic floor so that you can care for your baby, and care for yourself without symptoms. If you want to get back to running, we want that too! If you want to get back to hot yoga, we want that too! Do you want to feel like you can pick up your baby without throwing your back out? So do we! We’re going to be with you every step of the way to make sure that you reach your goals. 

With this program, you’ll receive 2 in-person sessions with our certified Postpartum Fitness Specialist where we will go through core and pelvic health, a comprehensive diastasis recti assessment, mobility, and c-section scar massage (if applicable). After the first session, we will create a custom 8-week at-home exercise program, and you will have 9am-9pm phone support for the duration of your program.