Doula Services

Birth Doula

A birth doula is a trained professional that provides continuous emotional, physical and informational support to a mother before, during and after childbirth. Our role is to help families feel supported during this transformational time in their lives, and to be confident and educated in the decisions they make for themselves and their new baby. We work alongside midwives, OBGYNs and other maternal health care providers, supporting moms who deliver in hospital, birth center or home. We are inclusive and will support any birthing mother that is needing support.

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum doulas provide families information and support on the emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, newborn feeding, and infant soothing. They are welcomed into your home and will be hands on help for your new family. They are knowledgeable and have training in breastfeeding and infant care. They also provide support services by doing light chores and helping the new mother transition into her new role.